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21. Bay area.
White. Fat. Queer. Leo.
Were-femme. Adoptee.
Sex worker.
Non-binary/ trans*/genderqueer,
Xe/xir or they/them pronouns.
Nudity, art, sex, performance, kink, depression, anxiety, PTSD, illness, Night Vale, cats, food, fucking, furries, bondage, and glitter kisses

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  3. housing crisis 2014! woo! I need a place to live/crash


    Hey y’all. I need to find a new place to live.

    I’m a queer afab nonbinary person seeking housing near BART to move into on May 1st in either Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, or SF. Can afford up to $600 monthly. I am fine with living in a tiny room, so that basement, garage, shed, storage room, RV, van, large closet etc. that was previously unconsidered should be considered. I’m a professional dogwalker and recently got an additional Quality Assurance job. I like making artsy stuff, drawing, zines, and choose-your-own adventure games. I come with an adorable kitten and a sweet 16 year old grandpa kitty. I can be kind of shy and don’t make a lot of noise usually. I don’t smoke anything (but don’t care if you do) and drink rarely (but don’t care if you drink more.) I like cooking for people. If I don’t find a place by May first I will definitely need a couch to crash on either with my cats or a place I can crash while my cats are boarded or with friends. I’m kind of down to the wire here. If you have a space or know of a space for me to live permanently or temporarily please inbox me or email me at


    Hi! I still don’t have a place to live! Please keep signal boosting this.

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very secret dog meeting


    very secret dog meeting

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I need this on my blog again idk why it makes me laugh so hard


    I need this on my blog again idk why it makes me laugh so hard

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    You may say I’m a dreamer

    but the media men beg to differ

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Bank Terrace, Coniston by Walruscharmer on Flickr.Beautiful
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Richard Weedon (1994)version améliorée


    Richard Weedon (1994)
    version améliorée

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  15. woodendreams:

(by jasontheaker)
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